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There were 1 OA + 4 Rounds.


OA(60 mins.): There were 2 coding questions(medium) + 10 OOPs based MCQs


Round 1(<60 mins):
•	Questions on Composition and Inheritance, with detail discussion.
•	How does bean creation happens in spring, what is the scope of it.
•	Small discussion on Thread class
•	Coding: Excel Sheet Column Number


Got a call for next rounds and all rounds were going to happen on same day and all of them were more than an hour.


Round 2:
Craft Round:
Design with functionality like,
	o	User, Seller can be onboarded on portal
	o	User can buy product
	o	Price of product can be different depending on location.
	o	Manage Inventory.

Design DB design and APIs for all these functionalities

Round 3:
•	Coding:
	o	Reverse k group of LinkedList
	o	Boundary Traversal of binary tree (what changes need to be done for n-ary tree)

•	Question on SOLID Principals
•	Implement Singleton Pattern.
•	What is Factory pattern can you Implement it?

Round 4:
•	Questions on current project
•	Discussion on Kafka
•	Coding: Median of a stream.
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