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I aplied for intuit off campus, and recieved the OA link and same day intuit was coming to our campus to conduct an on campus drive and I also recieved the same test link but mine was considered off campus since I wasnt eligible to sit for on campus.


Cleared the assessment and my interviews were conducted in the same pattern with the students sitting on campus , so basically everything was like on-campus experience only.


1st round of interview:
There were 2 interviewers, I was asked deeply about my project that I had mentined on top in my resume. Had a proper discussion on it. Then I was asked traversal on trees (diff between bfs and dfs), then I was asked to write pseudo code of traversal iteratively. Then interviewer asked 4-5 questions on operating system(all were standard like round robin schedullig, deadlock etc)


got shortlisted for 2nd round
2nd round of interview:
Again there were 2 interviewers , I was asked to discuss any project of my wish, so I chose to explain the project that I did in my internship , the discussion went around 15 -20 minutes , both the interviewers properly asked about the logic behind the project, the challenges I faced.
Then I was given 1 puzzle based question to code:
the question was: given 5 fingers of a hand you start 1 from thumb then 2 will be 1st finger 3 -middle finger 4-third finger 5- last small fingerand then from there only next finger in the reverse direction that is6th finger will be again second last i.e third finger since 5was on the 4th finger and we started in the reverse directio now and will not repeat the same finger again so 6th will be on third finger and so on and same thing will be repeated for the case when we reach to thumb then from there iself we will start iterating from 1st finger and so , then if nth number is given,then on which finger it will fall?


I was asked the logic first of this problem and have to write the code proper on the compiler for this program and run it on few sample test cases. Few small questions from the code were also asked that if n is out the rangeof integer and we are taking int n and passing long as input ,then will it accept the input or throw exception , range of long in java and few more small questins like these.


I answered every question in this round and wrote proper code and interviewer gave few tc to run as well , on which my code was giving correct as expected .
Still rejected dont know why :( But it was the nice interview experience though. Thanks

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