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Status: 3 years Experience in Product Based Companies, B.Tech (CSE) Tier 3 College
Position: SE2 at Intuit
Location: Bangalore, India
Date: April 20, 2022


Technical Phone Screen Round (1 hour) -


  • Find Next greater Element in Circular Array
  • Design WhatsApp Messenger - HLD
    Must support 1:1 chat
    Must support group messages


Craft Round Demo (1 hour) - You are part of a team, building a gaming service. You are responsible for implementing the module that keeps track of the all time top scores. As players complete a game, the game service will publish the player’s score to a topic. You are expected to code a service that when invoked will return the top 5 scores and the names of the players who attained that score.
Time given to prepare : 1 day


DSA round (45 minutes )-


  • Merge k sorted lists
  • Find special numbers in a range. A number is special if all the consecutive digits have an absolute difference of 1.


Hiring Manager / Project Discussion round(45 minutes) - Discussed project architecture and improvements possible. Monitoring and alert systems of the current project I worked on.

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