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1st Round : (2 hrs)
1. Implement LRU Cache,
2. Implement your own Blocking Queue.
3. Questions on Collections ,
a. How AtomicInteger works
b. Hierarchy of Collection
c. Internal Functioning of Hashmap.
d. Fail fast and Fail Safe Iterator.
e. Write different ways in which you can traverse over a map.

4. Print odd and Even Numbers using Threads
5. Questions on Concurrent API, Executor Class, Executor Service, ThreadFactory.
6. Questions on Serialisation/Deserialisation
7. Questions on Design Patters – Composite, Observer, Decorator etc

I dont remember other questions, but the interviewer grilled me completely in Java.

2nd Round: (1.5 to 2 hrs)
1. Search in a rotated sorted array.
2. Implement Heap Sort.
3. Given an Alien Language , with all sorted words , find the order of alphabets.
4. Find median in a stream of numbers.
5. Implement Producer Consumer Model with Theadpool, without Executor Framework.
6. Garbage collector design discussion


3rd Round: (1 hr)
1. Find the Median in two sorted arrays.
2. OS questions
– questions related to memory management and allocation.
– Fragmentation.
3. Design Question
– Bus Seat booking System.

Later i was informed that i was not selected, but i was really impressed with the nature of the interviewers, they were very friendly and cooperative, I was happy that i realised how hard i need to work. 

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