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Round-1:(Technical-1:10 min)
1. Introduce yourself.
2. Deep discussion on the current project which I’m working on.(project high level architecture, questions on design, frameworks used etc.,)
3. Write a clean code to find the median of incoming stream of integers(I started with brute force approach and with a little help from the interviewer I could come up with the optimized solution,discussion on complexities)
4. Find the top ‘k’ repeating elements in a given file.
5. Basic questions on java.
6. What do you know about spring frame work?
7. Questions on Hadoop,hive,sqoop etc.,

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Deep discussion on the projects that I have worked on.(High level design, Technologies used etc.,)
3. What are the object oriented features present in java?
4. What is polymorphism?
5. Difference between run time and compile time polymorphism with example.
6. What are the different types of exceptions that you have faced till now?
7. Difference between array out of bounds and array out of index exception?
8. Exceptions hierarchy.
9. Difference between checked and unchecked exceptions with example?
10. What are the different collection which you have used till date?
11. Collection hierarchy.
12. Difference between arraylist and list?
13. Difference between set and map?
Which of them can contain null values?
14. Equals and hashcode with example?
15. Write a clean program which takes input as “entuet” and converts it to “Intuit”. She was basically checking if I know how to code in java.
16. Write a program which takes input as a file containing few sentences and outputs in descending manner the list of repeated keywords.
17. Questions on map-red in Hadoop with an example
18. few SQL queries.
19. MVC design Pattern with example.
20. How to send the username and password of a database securely when you use sqoop?
21. Difference between equals and hash code? When to override etc?
22. What is single ton design pattern?
23. Give me a real life example of where we use Singleton pattern?
24. How hash table works internally?
25. Why do u want to leave your current company?
26. Why do you want to join Intuit?
27. Do you have any questions for me?

Though I couldn’t make it after this round was super duper exhausting interview experience. It was a back to back interview and I was scribbling on the board these 3hrs.
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