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Status: SDE in a non-faang
Position: SDE2 (frontend) at Intuit
Location: Banglore, India

The interview process and format of each interview:


Round 1 (Craft Demo, 1 hour): Recruiter shared a document containing a rough design of an app a day before the interview. The app should be built before the interview starts. In my case, it was to build a Meeting Rooms app using React and GraphQL APIs.
During the interview, interviewer checked the code and asked me to add a couple of features to the same app. She also asked me some frontend questions.


Round 2 (DS & Algo, 1 hour): The first question was leetcode 3sum and the follow up question was ksum. Frontend questions were also asked in this round as some time was left.


Round 3 (JavaScript, 1 hour): All questions we're on JavaScript (Polyfills, ECMAScript, Recursion, Data Structures etc.).


Round 4 (Hiring Manager, 30 minutes): Past projects, fitment, behavioral questions etc.


Result: Offer

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