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Title summarizes. I got placed in this company through on-campus placement. My salary is 5 LPA. I didn't have any other options. I am an avg CSE student from 3rd tier gov college, 4th rank in the state(A private college, NIT, IIT, My college). I was mainly interested in Data science but got hired by this company. Now I am learning MVC, HTML-CSS, javascript, and Azure for the last three months. Now I am beginner to intermediate level familiar with all of these.

Right now, I do not work on any company project, just learning.

What should I do to improve my chance for a better next job? My resume has mostly Python and data science(Kaggle kernels) small projects.
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In India, if you want to get placed in product based companies with high LPA , you need to be good at problem-solving and DSA . Also you need to regularly do leetcode.

Read this on how to improve your DSA skills :



To know how to practice on leetcode so you get really good :
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