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I'm in my 6th Sem currently and I started DSA 3 months back covering major DSA while doing LeetCode

I'm not new to Programming I have a good background in Deep Learning

I try for 30 minutes and then I move forward if I'm getting anything nor I look upto solution

I get the intution but not able to code. Or if I'm able to, I miss so trivial thing which I can't think of.

I try for 30 minutes because as per I know interviews and test lies for 45-1 hour or 2 hours respectively

But I'm not able to get in 30 minutes. So, should I grind on it or move to another question and look later?

Like in a recent vide posted by CN, they told should invest 2 hours for a question if not getting, again try at night. If not able to try next day

Could you help and share your problem solving approach?
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Don't waste more than 20 minutes.A beginner doesnt know many tricks and concepts.
Re-inventing them is of no use.Getting demotivated is of no use .
Do 200-300 dsa problems with looking at solutions after 10-20 minutes.
From the 201st problem, you may take 2 hours. In short , invest thinking time (>20 minutes) for a problem only if your foundation is really strong and you know all basic concepts,tricks and styles.
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