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Congratulations and welcome to TCS.

Believe me every person who is placed in any company ends up saying that somehow they made it. But as a matter of fact , it isn’t like that. You are placed because you are capable.

Like all other IT companies, TCS too needs coders in their ranks but this doesn’t mean they only have coders running their company. TCS is such diverse in its work force that they even have core mechanical projects and financial consultants. So you not knowing how to code should not be a big deal here. TCS’s RMG is well organised to deal with situations like these. They may tag you to a project where you are most suited but this may only happen after a year or so. If you want it to be quicker ,you can produce some certificates of your other talents and get yourself tagged in a project like that.

Lastly, when doing recruitment offers many branches to choose from like EIS, IT, ITIS etc. IT out of all these is core coding dedicated area while ITIS is not. ITIS focuses more on networking and deals with troubleshooting.

My advice: Don’t worry about coding much. You will learn it eventually or you can start preparing for it now to make yourself industry ready. Your other talents will be appreciated once you join. So have patience and congratulations once again.
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