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I have been working for CTS, for the last 10 years.

My salary is 8.7 Lakhs per annum, with incentive it comes to 9.4 Lakhs.

BTW, I never got 3rd rating. Almost every time I got 1st or 2nd rating.


People might say I am into mediocre technology, I am into a niche (from Microsoft) technology.

I am ok with my manager, he doesn't care for anyone unless he is losing some revenue.

You are just a number, remember a number.

If you ask for more, they'll ask you to change company if you want.

Onsite opportunity??

That trap will be there in any company.

Here are my tips.

Change companies. Never stay in a company for more than 3-years.(3- is max)

Office relations don't matter, if you change companies.

Be the best, in your niche.

Always have resume up in the market. You should get calls every week, if not month.

Accenture/TCS/CTS/INFY these are not software companies, these are IT companies.

Edit 1:
There is no growth buddy, Honestly. I am in my current designation<not-yet-manager> for 3 years. since Lot of people get struck at M-level and organization can&rsquo;t promote unless the current M-level people move to SM-level, SM-level to Director , Direct to VP, VP to CXO whatever. You&rsquo;ll not be promoted, unless proper &ldquo;pyramid&rdquo; is established.

Some people get &ldquo;lucky&rdquo;, and get into really good projects and grows faster than their peers. but still its rare. To beat his luck, you go out and join after 3-years, into same company, you&rsquo;ll be given better role-far better package.


My ventures include farming and stakes in 2&ndash;3 small businesses.

Farm: we have 10 + acres of land, we grow vegetables.

Small business 1: (Low risk , better than bank interest return)

Small business 2: stake in a trading business. Medium risk, healthy returns.

Small business 3: we are supplying sheep for this Eid season.

After +2, one of my failed friends dropped out .

He sold postpaid connections, after that ULIPs, insurance what not.

By the time I passed btech, he got into real estate as a middle men.

In 5- years he made decent amount of money out of it and started as a builder.

That apart, He bought 2-cabs. I don't know how many he owns now, but I'll tell you. He has atleast 10 different incomes for any given month.

He makes more money than any collar employee(read as slave).
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