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Profile: Software Engineer Internship

I am in 3rd year currently, and they wanted me to join from next month as an intern and then join as a full-time employee after 6 months i.e. before 6 months of my graduation.

Selection Process:

  1. Pre Placement talk followed by an Online test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Managerial Round

Online Test(45 mins): First of all, I got a mail from Redhat that I am invited to take a test. They provided me with a link to BlueJeans. Then they rolled out a form during the PPT and sent the invite based on the response. It was a 45 minutes online test in Hackerrank. I would rate the questions to be easy. There were 23 questions to be solved. 


  • 2 Questions from a flowchart
  • There was a SQL query
  • Some aptitude questions
  • Some questions from CS fundamentals
  • Some were specific to Java, Python, and C++.

They just tested if the basics are clear or not. I almost got full marks on the test I guess as I could answer all of them.

Technical Interview (45 mins): After 3-4 days, I got a call from them and they offered me some slots and I chose one. 

  • It was a 1-1 technical interview. First, he asked about a few technologies which I did not know and I do not remember now as well as I never heard of it before. I told him given some time I can learn them. 
  • Then he asked my favorite programming language. I said Java. 
  • Then he asked the difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder. I forgot this difference so I said I am not able to recall it now. 
  • Then he asked me about final, finally, finalize keywords. I answered well. He asked about my projects I told him the details. He asked for OS concepts from my projects like Race condition and deadlock. Mixing it up with my project. Also asked a real-life example of Race condition. I could answer this as well.
  • Then I got a DSA question to reverse each word in a sentence :
  • I solved it within 5 mins with an O(n) solution. He was satisfied and asked some questions based on it. And asked where my code would fail. Basically he gave another test case and I answered how would I tackle that. And then asked me the difference between String and StringBuilder as I had used StringBuilder in the solution. I could answer that.  
  • Asked few more questions about my project. Asked me if I would join RedHat as I already have an Internship with a PPO. I said I have to think about it a lot and I need some time.

Managerial Interview (45 mins): Basic HR questions were asked to me like why Redhat and what are its products. 

  • Why do I want to join Redhat having an internship in another MNC. 
  • Why should they hire me. Am I ethical or not. 
  • There were some more discussions about why I should join Redhat and some more normal discussions. 
  • They asked me to reply to them via within 5 days if I would join Redhat leaving the internship I am doing as I said I need some time to take that decision. At last, I asked if I have cleared all the rounds, they said yes.


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