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I applied to the Red Hat portal directly without any referral and within a month I got the test link. My test was around 60 minutes long (It may be different for you).

The test consists of MCQ’s and 2 coding Questions.

  • MCQ’s were Based on CS fundamentals and aptitude.
  • Coding questions were Leetcode Easy-Medium. One question was based on string and other one Involves Binary search(But It gets accepted Bruteforce solution as well, So first try to solve the problem then optimize). Since the test was conducted on HackerRank, I was able to see the total number of Testcases my code passes.

Now, within Once week I was informed that I have cleared my coding round and the interviews will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks. But due festive season My first technical interview was scheduled after 1 month clearing the coding test.

So, Now  my interview took around 1 hour+ , But average interview could take up to 45 minutes. It was taken on Google Meet.


Interviewer: Greets me, Tell me something about u?

Me: Told.

Interviewer: Which language do you prefer Coding in?

Me: I know C/C++ and Javascript, But I use to code primarily in C++.

Interviewer: Do you know OOPS concept?

Me: Yes

Interviewer: What is inheritance? (Followed up with types of inheritance and how do we remove ambiguity in multiple Inheritance?)

Me: Told

Interviewer: What is linked list? (Followed by Types of linked list )


Interviewer: Coding Questions  1)write code to find the middle of the linked List . 2) write code to detect loop in linkedList  . 3) Implement Stack using Queue

Me: Told

Interviewer: OS concepts like  Process Synchronization, Deadlock, Virtual Memory etc.

Me: Told

Interviewer: What is the difference between const char *p and char *const p?

Me: Told

Interviewer: What is memory leak?

Me:  Told

Interviewer:  Are you comfortable with linux?

Me: Just Started learning It.

Interviewer: Saw my resume and find  Github and Git was written, Questions:-What is the difference between Git and Github, Git command for branching, removing branch etc

Me: Told

Interviewer: I am done with my process, do you have any questions for me?

Me: Asked , Done

Result: Awaited

Tips : 

  • CS concepts in the given priority OS->DBMS->CN.
  • prepare resume well, If you don’t know something, don’t write it
  • It’s Okay to know less but in depth.
  • Now coding questions might not me that much hard but if you are good with Leetcode easy-medium, you are good to go.
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