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There are 5 rounds of Interviews.

Round 1(HR interview resume shortlisting ):

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What experience do you have in this field?
  • Do you have experience in Automation?
  • What are your salary expectations?

HR was very helpful throughout the entire process.

Round 2 (Technical Interview)


  •  Introduce yourself. 
  •  Tell me the skills that you prefer to code – (I prefer java and javascript)
  •  Tell me what are the oops concept you introduce in your project and why.
  •  Explain Exceptions and their types. 
  •  WAP to handle the Exceptions.
  •  Exceptions come when a selenium code failed. 
  •  Give some examples of Exceptions that you have faced in your project.
  •  What is the difference between Selenium & Cypress?
  •  How the architecture of Selenium and cypress differ from each other
  •  what is the difference between Implicit Wait & Explicit wait and their methods
  •  WAP to Reverse words in a given string

Round 3 (Technical Interview- 2)

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities that you handle in your last project.
  • Explain the challenges you have faced and how did you handle that.
  • Are you comfortable with both the Automation & Manual?

Round 4 (Techno-Managerial)

  • let’s start with a brief introduction. 
  • Tell me some of the real-time issues and challenges that you face in your project during Automation
  • Real-time problem Scenario. If you have multiple Scenarios in your hand that need to be tested and if you have limited time then what will you do?

Round 5 (HR)

  • Congratulation’s for qualifying all rounds.
  • Why you are leaving your old organizations?
  • Why did you choose Red Hat over other offers that you have?
  • Salary discussions.
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