Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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Pretty straight and simple process. It had two onsite interviews at San Jose, California Cisco office location.


  1. First onsite visit to Cisco was just of 45 minutes. It was kind of a screening round, I've been screened by Tech lead. We went over CS and web development fundamentals. We also discussed stuff mentioned on my resume. No coding challenge in this round.
  2. Second onsite visit had 4 interview rounds, 45 minutes each. I've been asked some in-depth questions on the tech stack mentioned in my resume, we also discussed about my past projects (component diagram whiteboarding to explain), and I've been given a coding problem in each round.


Following were the problems I've been asked to solve:




Happy Coding! :)

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