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CISCO visited our campus to hire a Software Engineer and consultant Engineer for Intern+FTE. The recruitment drive consisted of 4 Rounds :

ROUND 1: ONLINE ASSESSMENT ROUND: There were 27 Questions having 25 MCQs and 2 Coding Questions. MCQs contain questions from OS, OOPs, Mathematical Aptitude, and the majority of Computer Networks.

ROUND 2: TECHNICAL INTERVIEW (Mode: Online, Duration: 40 Minutes) :

This round started with questions on my projects. I had 3 projects on ML, DBMS, and Front End. They asked me everything about Project.
First, they asked me about ML Project
Tell me about your projects.
Why ML for this project?
Technologies used for the project?
What is Regression?
Explain Linear Regression.
What is the R-squared score?
Why Django?
About Sci-kit learn
DBMS Project
Tell me about your 2nd project.
What is the difference between primary key and foreign key?
Have you used foreign keys in your project?
What are Joins explain?
Explain Left Outer Join.
They gave me a problem statement and asked me to explain E-R and its schema.
What is schema?
Asked me about DCL commands Indirectly.
They gave me a problem statement, I had to tell which data structure I prefer to use and why?
Approach to reverse a linked list?
Asked me about time and space complexity for that and asked me to improvise it.
What is the function of the Transport Layer?
What do you know about DNS?
In detail on DNS.
Question from my side
Experience and work culture in cisco.
What technologies I should be aware of before joining as an intern?
ROUND 3: TECH + MANAGERIAL INTERVIEW (Mode: Online, Duration: 20 Minutes) :

Tell me about your projects.
Overview of DBMS Project.
What are the entities and keys used in your project?
What all things do you know about RDBMS?
What is the difference between Unique and Primary Keys?
Find the middle element of an array in one pass.
Questions from my side
What kept you on going starting as a fresher to manager in this field?
What difference do you find between DevOps from traditional methods?
What technologies I should be aware of before joining as an intern?
ROUND 4: ETR (Mode: Online, Duration: 20 Minutes) :

Introduce yourself.
What do you know about Cisco?
Who are the competitors of Cisco?
Are you planning to higher studies?
Are you ready to relocate?
My teamwork experience.
No Questions from my side.

Final Tips:

Make sure you know every small detail about your project because you will be asked to explain all your projects in both rounds 2 and 3.
Don’t fake anything in the resume.
Keep something to eat with you as the recruitment process started at 8:30 in the morning and went till 6:30 in the evening.
Be calm, and confident, Keep a smile.
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