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Online coding Round (1 hour 30 minutes): We were asked 2 coding questions. One was based on Floyd Warshall’s algorithm and the other one was a variation of number of islands. There were also 45 MCQ questions asked from C, C++, networks, OOPS, and OS.

Interview: I had 3 rounds of interviews ( 1-technical, 1-Managerial, and 1-HR )

Round 1 ( Technical ): It started with a brief description of myself and some basic questions from my resume. A lot of questions were asked from the resume. Also, questions were asked in-depth about my previous work experiences and the tech stack used. Make sure you know about the tech stacks you mention. Later DSA questions were asked. I was just asked to write pseudo-code in notepad.

All type of tree traversals
All methods for generating Fibonacci series
Longest palindromic substring
3rd largest in a array
Round 2 ( Technical + Managerial): This round also started with a description of myself. They asked a lot about my hobbies and extracurricular activities. Questions related to networks, OS, and encryption related to my Previous internship experiences were asked in depth. Also, they asked me to explain the projects mentioned in my resume. Be thorough with your resume top to bottom. Then they asked questions like how my extra-curricular activities would be beneficial to the company. In the end, there were somehow will you react in this situation type of questions. ( what’d you do when your colleague’s opinion differs from theirs)

Round-3 ( HR ): After a long wait, I was finally called to the HR round. It also begins with an intro about myself followed by my experiences, projects, and extracurricular activities. Then I was asked if I’m available for doing a 6-month internship before Full time for which I said yes. Then we talked about the role of my job, location, and other stuff.

General Points: Keep yourself energetic throughout the process. It started at 8 am, and it was 10:30 PM when I was done with my final round. Results came at night at 3:30 AM. Voila, I got the offer. Make sure you know everything from your resume.
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