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Status: PreFinal Year Student
Position: Software Engineer (Intern) – Network Embedded Application Development
Location: India

Online coding Round
o It contained 15 MCQs based on predicting output of code, networking, aptitude.
o 2 coding questions were there and in one of the questions C++ was not allowed just python, java, C were there in that question.
o One Question was of bit manipulation and other was of correcting bracket sequence by swapping in a string of brackets. Following brackets were there [],{},()
o Coding Questions were of easy-medium difficulty and some students who didn’t solve both the questions were shortlisted for interviews.
Tech Interview 1
o Basic things like intro, explain all your projects were asked.
o 2 DSA Questions were given to solve they just asked algo in one of the questions and told me to code the other one without using any inbuilt function.
o One of the questions was to eliminate duplicates from a string and the other one was to find angle between minute and hour hand of the clock for any given time.
Tech Interview 2
o Just Resume was discussed and some basic DSA algos were asked. They just asked to verbally explain the algo and I was not asked to code.
Managerial Round
o Resume and all the projects were thoroughly discussed and I was asked several DBMS and one DSA questions (didn’t code just explained)
HR Round
o Basic things about salary were told to me in this round and location preference was asked.
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