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I am cuurently in 4th sem and prepapring for internship interviews which is 5 months from now for companies like Amazon . I am solving questions from love babbar DSA sheet .I have been practising coding since 4 months and have a fair idea of most of the common algo and almost all data structures.Should I also do other things like practise on platforms like Codeforces (which now I am able to solve upto B div 2) or only solve those selected question from leetcode/gfg be enough for me considering the limited amount of time left with me? I will appreciate any help and advice form your side.Thank you!

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1)Solving those selected good quality problems from leetcode and geeksforgeeks is a very good thing to do to prepare for FAANG interviews .

2)My suggestion would be , in free time , you should try codeforces , as they improve one's logic building and thinking skills in leaps and bounds . That increases your confidence , and you wont be afraid to face a question in an interview which you have never seen before !

3)Also , having a good rating on these platforms add a huge weightage to your resume and good impression on interviewer too !

Edit : 450 DSA is a pretty good list of problems for linked list,binary search tree,etc. But its not enugh for string, array and dp questions :-) In array, you need to cover a vast range of tricks and concepts compared to other coding topics for interviews.
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