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Question by one of my students : - >
Hello bhai main abhi 4th year me hu or mere college me koi company nahin aati hai yaar or mere ko FAANG companies target karni hai mere ko kuch samjh ni aara kaise taiyaari karu companies ki

Mere pass abhi December tak ka waqt hai maine abhi tak DSA main hashmap tak padh liya hai or questions bhi achhe khaase bana liya hai .... par andar se darr bhi lagta hai ki off campus kaise try karu or pata ni ho payega ki nahin to aap kuch guide kar do

Mere pass abhi 6month tak ka time hai isme ek achha coder kaise banu jisse competitive programming start kar saku??
please help bro
logic build ni ho pata hai yaar kya kru kya ye logic building pehle se hi bhagwan ki den hoti hai kya ??
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Follow this roadmap for DSA to get quick and the best results. :
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My answer : -
Minimum logic building is required for interview cracking of companies .
so minimum brain effort is needed as well.
So , all you have to do is complete
all topics popular problems either from love babbar list with help of youtube videos(Code-Lubrary Channel) or striver sde sheet .
In 90% cases, same question will come in the interview in most cases.
So that should be very easy for you .
After you solve
all popular interview questions like 400-500 ,
then solving slight variations of them will be very easy for you
as you already have the knowledge and tricks in your toolbox.
Its just like 10th board prep ,
even easier than that , if you see it the right way.
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