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I'm currently in my 4th sem of BTech CS in a tier 3 private college. I'm really in a dilemma about what to do moving forward. I have experience with MERN stack web dev and have built few big projects on my own. The thing I'm confused and stressed about is that I'll very soon be in my third year should I focus on DSA and problem solving or continue just doing web dev to grab internships and then job offers. I'm really stressed as in third year you get opportunities for internships and FTE but for good companies you need to master dsa but I fear if I only focus on DSA I'll lose the opportunity to do internships and make my resume strong.
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Most of the good companies on-campus and off-campus , will ask DSA+coding during technical interviews.

First 10 minutes of interview , will comprise of your introduction and explanation of projects you made. Thats it.

Rest 50-60 minutes of the interview will comprise of solving DSA problems in front of the interviewer.

So , if you have 2-3 projects in your buckets already , then stop doing dev right now and put your complete focus on doing DSA.

Follow this roadmap for DSA religiously and you will be good in no time at DSA :
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