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I want to strengthen fundamentals and want a interactive course which emphasize on practice.
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I would recommend the Web Dev Bootcamp by Angela Yu. Angela has been teaching web development for many years and is an experienced instructor. Her course is comprehensive and covers all the essential topics. Additionally, her course is more up-to-date than Colt Steele's and includes more modern technologies like React. On the other hand, Colt Steele's course may be better for those who are just starting out, since it is more beginner-friendly.

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Please don't watch any Udemy course all of them are outdated I have tried both you mentioned.

I would suggest you CODEDAMN to learn web developement you can take their membership.

Students gets 50% discount.

It covers everything you will need.

Or if you want to learn JS you can check out webDevSimplified on YouTube .
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