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I wish I knew this during my college years. This list is compiled based on the coding interview experiences of mine , my friends and aquaintainces at FAANG/TOP_PBCs :

Here are they :-

0)Listen to the person.

1)Always use good variable names for solving the given problem .

2)Use appropriate functions where needed and write properly structured code.

3)Always follow indentation.

4)While writing code , explain each and every line/procedure simultaneously , this creates a good impression on the interviewer as they are able to know your communication skills by the way you are explaining code as you write.

5) Never jump into implementation/coding directly. First explain the solution idea clearly to the interviewer.

6)As soon as the interviewer gives you the coding problem , ask all your doubts , assumptions and requirements from the interviewer.

7) Explain the solution , not just orally , but by writing few things in the space(given by interviewer in virtual rounds) given to you.

8)Also , use some example input-output , while explaining your solution.

9)After explaining solution , comes the coding part.

10) Before you do the coding part , discuss few corner cases.

11)After and during the coding part , discuss corner cases too. Basically , lay more attention on them.

12)If time permits , do the dry run after coding part is over.

13)Explain complexities in depth and properly to the interviewer.

14)Lastly , try to make a humanly connect and try to keep things chill. This way the interviewer will treat you like a friend and support/guide you in case needed!
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