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Round One (60 minutes):
1. Given an unsorted linked list, remove all duplicates without using temporary buffers.

2. A number starting from 1 can be got by either multiplying 3 or adding 5 to it. Given a number, find the sequence of operations to get it or say it’s not possible.
e.g: 13 is 1 * 3 + 5 + 5 but 15 you cannot get.

3. Given a tree, get the path from root to leaf such that the sum of nodes in the path is maximum.

4. There are 50 people in a bank. Each person is either an employee or a customer. Each person knows what everyone else is. The police can ask person i what person j is. Customers will always tell the truth. Employees are evil geniuses who may not tell the truth. The police have to find at least one customer asking a maximum of 49 questions. More than half the people are customers.


Round Two (Group activity, 60 minutes):
The selected students were divided into groups of 5 to 6 and were asked to design a system to
“How does a student achieve academic excellence”
All ideas were jotted into a chart and we were asked to present it after 45 minutes of brainstorming.

No elimination in this round.

Round Three (Technical interview, 45 minutes):
He started off by asking me to tell him about myself. He went through my resume and asked my which one is my favorite project. One of them involved string matching. He started with that.

1. Given a sentence say, “I love Intuit and Intuit loves me”, find the number of times the word “Intuit” occurs in the sentence.
I asked him, any language restrictions or any other constraints. He told any language, but it has to be better than brute force and the coding standards must be production level with all exceptions taken care of, properly modularized and neatly structured.
I first told him my approach and he was satisfied. I wrote the code in Java.

2. He extended the question. Assume you have 2 million files with some text in it. How do you find the number of times the word “Intuit” occurs in all these files. I suggested an approach with O(n), but he said it can be better optimized.

3. Some puzzle question.

4. He saw that I had mentioned UI developer in a web project. He drew the Facebook news feed layout on a sheet of paper and asked me what happens when you click on an image thumbnail in Facebook. I told him that the background goes dark, the picture becomes bigger and the comments and likes appear to the right of the picture.
He asked me to write HTML and JavaScript code for that.

Round Four (Technical interview / HR, 60 minutes):
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Tell me one situation where conflict arose in your team and how you handled it.
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
4. I was then asked to design a student database to keep track of the academic progress of the student and calculate the GPA of the student.
She then asked me to write a few basic queries against the database and I did that.
Then she asked me to update one table for all the values held in another table. I wrote a loop and for iteration called an update function. This code I wrote in PHP.
5. She asked me if I had any questions for her.

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