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Round 1:
Java basics:
1. int v=2
    v += v++
    what is output of V?
2. Design a compiler for throw and throws key words. OR, how does compiler interpret those keywords.
3. Why string is immutable and then some tricky questions on that .
4. Algorithms:
    a. sorting of 0 and 1 in place in n time.
    b. stack option problem with maximum profit in O(n) complexity

Round 2:
Algorithm 1: Write a code to max sub array by considering elements not next to each other
Algorithm 2: design a dice face such that one normal dice is played with the designed dice then the output of any value should have same probability.
Some logical puzzle.


Round 3:
Lot of OS questions and distributed system generic questions
How to decide which DB to use in application
Some design pattern
Difference between Design pattern and framework
My projects related questions and challenges
Logical puzzle
REST Framework questions.

Round 4:
1. Program to sort handle 1GB data in a 64KB RAM.
2. How to handle caching in distributed environment
3. Challenges in my current project
4. Logical puzzle (sorry dont remeber now).

Round 5: With Director of the Product

General Behavioral questions

Round 6 :
My projects and Behavioral questions

Finally after a week I got an offer letter.:)

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