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Its is real easy to get in Microsoft but you have to know the trick. Microsoft’s hiring bar is broken and everyone knows that. And the bar keeps getting lower as A+ player don’t want to work here, so they keep lowering the bar.

Actually the hardest part is getting the interview and NOT the interview itself.

Why getting interview is hard? well, because like all other processes at Microsoft, interview process is managed by a third party vendor, who are just terrible. I can’t think of any other company which has such bad resume screening and interview scheduling services. I think they are from the 1800’s. (speaking from personal experience)

Now the solution,there are two ways you can get in -

a) You have an internal contact at Microsoft who can share your resume with the hiring manager, so that you can bypass the shitty third party

b) less direct path, become a VENDOR. If you can get a gig with some of the local tech /outsourcing/consulting company that Microsoft works with you have a good shot to get a full time offer. I have personally seen vendors with no idea what they are talking about getting senior roles at MSFT.(Specially true if you are doing data and analytics).

So, if you can talk a bit sense in your interview you are gol
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These all skill items have level starting from 0 to anytime, everything on a high demand, but again the exceptional demand is for skill, means that can solve business problem, because only business problem can give you the money. Go to Microsoft's website and see the jobs, and compare with the skills you have. so go there and see type of openings in the different departments of microsoft, that ill give you an idea what to start from any of these :

Added some example :

  • Front end - Pick specific javascript and HTML5 start from there,
  • Back end - Java Stack or Ruby Stack or PHP stack choose,
  • Web designing - UI are you talking about ?, Are you passionate on it ?
  • Python
  • UI/UX
  • Django, JS
  • Java
  • Networking - Talking here TCP/IP ?
  • Machine learning...
  • Research work

If you are sure to your thoughts then go for it, Above I just told you the way to select the best for you. But you still want that I should suggest you something then go for :

Example ?
1- Front - End - be the father of javascript, Ajax, HTML5 - and be a Visual designer expert or UI expert.

Do not fall in general skill category candidates, where they will continue to negotiate your coding , algorithmic skills, have something different.

Will you accept my advice, may be no. because you will verify it again ?,
That's it for now :-)