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Prepare from these free courses mentioned here : https://www.desiqna.in/66/anybody-provide-paid-competitive-programming-course-free 


  1. Read the complete introduction from this book. And write running code, in your IDE (Basic code). You may also start your preparation from this guide.
  2. Go to Practice (Find the same section in Data-structure) – Solve at least 10 questions from the same topic.
  3. Go to Questions section of the same chapter from the book. (And try to think yourself first, if you aren’t able to get the solution, look for the answer, please read the best approach to solve the question.) It’s mandatory to try every question. – *Try to implement as much as possible*
    Give some time, to solve the question on your own. Don’t hurry.
  4. Alternatively, Data Structure Questions can be practiced on any competitive programming platform. When you’re stuck, and not getting what’s written in the book, refer to GeeksforGeeks or YouTube video if you find any.
  5.  Read and try to solve all these questions: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/amazon-interview-preparation/ – This set contains almost all famous interview questions related to Data-structure.

Now, comes the SQL part :

  1. Install MySql in your PC.
  2. Read and implement all the basic queries from https://www.w3schools.com/sql/. Implementation is important.
  3. Read about DBMSJoinsNormalization, KeysACID Properties from
  4. Please read carefully, (GroupBy, difference between where and groupBy, Find nth highest salary from the table).

Tada, if you have followed these steps carefully, I am sure, you are prepared to clear 2 rounds of any MNC company.

  • Next, Please make some impressive project and mention in your resume. Be careful, you should know everything which is mentioned in your resume. Because, in most companies, now people will focus on what you’ve done extra, for which they will hire you.
  • Prepare some puzzles: Can refer GeeksforGeeks puzzle section.

Now you are prepared for the interview and can start applying in companies.

Once, you will start applying in companies, you will get some time, before the interview. This time, you need to solve the random questions of Practice.  You may choose the difficulty level to start with. Especially – do Arrays and Strings if you can.