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I recently switched from TCS to a product based firm after having about 2 years of experience in TCS where I started as a fresher.

Finally after so many hurdles on my way I managed to get into a product firm with a really good hike.

Let me tell you the hurdles which I faced and probably everyone will face too-

  1. Pathetic quality of work. Trust me, the work is not of engineering level from any view. In the name of Java Developer role I was given shitty work which hardly requires coding.
  2. 3 Months notice period - Sad reality is you won't be getting any calls from good or even bad companies because of this. Getting released early is a real mess.
  3. Sometimes people don't consider applications coming from TCS. Since you are in TCS they will prefer other candidates over you.
  4. Totally Random Shit - You can be put into any project without your consent. I was hired through CodeVita and was put in bench for 5–6 months in Hyderabad. That was my worst time of life. Somehow I got transfer to Pune and got a project or you can say tagged to a project. The project was on Spring but don't get fascinated, the work was damn boring with no learning. Then they introduced a DIGITAL CADRE assessment where I cleared the written test twice and was out in the interview. Whereas some people didn't get any calls and waiting for results since an year. There was no defined criteria of this exam at all.

Now after this much disappointment I made my mind that I have to get out at any cost.

I have been coding on CodeChef since third year, and competitive programming has always been lovely to me. I was already solving many problems that are asked in big Product based firms. Hence, I can tackle DS, algo related questions. I started applying like crazy and believe me I didn't get any response for like 2–3 months. This was very demotivating. I got my mistake that I have to keep applying on literally every company or it's job posting.

My advice would be to use I was applying through LinkedIn and didn't get any response. Naurki is way better.

Finally a good company called me and I got this offer but they were asking to join in 45 days. Without any second thought I resigned since it was my new project in TCS. But still I had a doubt about the situation so I still keep applying to many companies. I was shocked that I was getting so many emails and calls on a daily basis. This was possible because I was serving notice period. I gave 2–3 more interviews and selected in none. Some companies didn't reply even though the interview went fabulous.

But finally I sent my resume to HR of product firm and after clearing 5 rounds I finally was confirmed.

Damn Happy!!

I am in this product firm now and not revealing name for some reasons.

Sorry for this much long story of mine. But I hope it would help someone.

My advice is to be active on sites such as CodeChef, leetcode, GFG. Learn some in demand Technology - Cloud, ML, JS frameworks. Seek advice from your seniors or mentors.

Last thing is don't fear rejection and Don't give up. You are in Industry with most opportunities. Be confident!

Thanks for reading.

Edit 1 : TCS didn't release me early. I served entire 90 days.