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My 7th sem exam were conducted online in January, in which 50 MCQ questions were asked and it was a one hour long exam. In which I have to login in the first 10 minute of exam. I live in village and here is no facility of WIFI, so I was giving my exam on mobile network. But that day for around 15-20 minutes network in our area disappeared just before the exam, and I missed that exam. I knew that I may need to face very big consequences because of it. So, I mailed university hundreds of time, and then they said, that it's normal if 10-15 students got a technical issue out of thousand students, you have to give the exam with next year in the month of December,2022.
I have been pretty serious about my education, and never got a back before. Even this time also, there was nothing at my end which I could have controlled. I have been selected in Infosys for Power Programmer profile and in TCS for Digital Profile.
What should I do so that I can join the company at time, and clear my paper in December, 2022?
I am really worried about all these from last 5 months.
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