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Accenture was hiring freshers for the role of ‘Associate Software Engineer’ & ‘Application Development Associate’. It was off-campus hiring for the batch of 2023.

Students who cleared the ‘Cognitive & Technical Assessment’ and the ‘Coding Round’ advanced to the ‘Communicative Assessment’. Please note that the communicative assessment round was not an elimination round. The hiring process was pretty fast and we used to get the result instantly after appearing within an hour. So, I qualified for the interview round. I got an e-mail from Accenture to pick a slot for the interview. And I got it scheduled for the 6th of September 2022 at 3 PM. Here’s the flow of questions asked to me :

Please introduce yourself. (At first, the interviewer will introduce himself and then he’ll ask you to do so)
What are you planning to opt for for your major project? (I shared with him the idea on which I’m planning to work upon along with the technologies that I’ll use)
What is your least favorite subject in your curriculum & what did you do to qualify for the exam of that subject?
Tell me a situation where you were stuck and what did you do to overcome it? (Try to share any recent incident)
Do you have any plans for further studies? (I said that I don’t have any such plans)
Tell me about your hobbies. (I shared some of my hobbies along with cooking which I recently learned from my mother during the lockdown period)
Do you have any questions for me?
So, the interview went for around 12 to 13 minutes. It was a short interview round that was totally based on HR questions. And In my case, no technical questions were asked. Although, My friends had an experience where questions related to OS and the technologies used in their academic projects were asked.

The results were out within a week and I received an e-mail from Accenture with a letter of intent stating that I was selected for the position of ‘Application Development Associate’.

Some personal tips from my side :

Practice HR questions. (Try to answer by sharing any recent incident where you’ve shown your leadership qualities)
There are chances that technical questions can be asked by the interviewer. So, always be prepared with your core subjects. (like DBMS, OOPS & OS)
Be prepared with your resume. (Questions can be asked from the things you mention in your resume like your achievements, projects, academics, etc.)
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