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Difficulty level: Easy to Medium

Round 1: Cognitive and Technical Assessment

Time: 90min

The assessment evaluates the candidate’s logical and analytical thinking as well as their coding skills. The test consists of 90 questions that need to be solved within those 90 minutes.

The questions range from English Ability, Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Abstract Reasoning to Pseudocoding, Common Application and MS Office, Networking Security, and Cloud.
This round tests your foundation of the concepts and your accuracy regarding how quick you are in solving the questions in a constricted timeline.
There is a cutoff that needs to be cleared in order to proceed to the coding round. The test window will be open for 10 minutes, after which the result will be declared regarding the advancement. The coding round consists of two questions that test the candidate’s Fundamentals of Programming – any language of choice between C/ C++/ Java/ Python/ DOT Net can be selected to write the code.
This round is crucial since this will decide your overall performance as to whether you will move on to the next stage or will be eliminated from the process. Therefore, concentrating on getting almost one code right is important. An ample amount of practice and efficient coding skills are required to clear this round.
Round 2: Communication Assessment

Time duration: Approx 20 min

The assessment deals with testing your reading, speaking, and listening skills along with the comprehension with which you answer the questions.The query regarding whether this assessment is an elimination round or not is uncertain.
It is very important to be seated in a silent room with a working microphone (headset is preferred). The clarity of your voice should be clear and straight.
The reading and repetition section will test how fluent and well-spoken your English is whereas the rearrange the sentences section will test how fast you are at rephrasing the words to form a meaningful sentence.
The storytelling section is a bit tricky if you do not concentrate on the key points. Getting the character names, story plot, places and destinations right are recommended.
The open questions section checks how creative and imaginative you are at forming basic stories and speeches. Therefore, forming recreative storylines and signifying the moral is required.
Round 3: Interview

Time: 18 -20 min

The result about whether you cleared the communication assessment will be sent to you right after you take the test. You will be given time slots to book your interview.
On the day of the interview, you will be made to wait in the lobby for about 5 minutes after which you will join a video conference with the Accenture interviewer.
The interviewer who interviewed me was highly experienced and an erudite individual with a commendable role and was amicable. She introduced herself and her position in Accenture.
She then asked me to introduce myself, what my hobbies are, what is my family occupation, what projects have I taken up in my final year of college.
I explained the projects in a brief manner and about the methodology and terminology I had taken up to execute them.
One of the projects I did was a group project, she asked me how well did I handle the group and how did we resolve conflicts and a difference in perspectives.
She also asked me about my favorite and least favorite subject, which I went ahead to answer.
Lastly, she accorded a few remarks about my interview and asked if I had any questions for her.
We thanked each other and ended the call.
Overall, it is important to concentrate on your projects and be able to explain them in detail along with which programming language did you use and why.
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