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I was interviewed at Accenture for the post of Associate Software Engineer(ASE) which was on campus. Accenture’s selection process consists of four rounds:

Round-1: Aptitude: In 90 minutes, 90 questions had to be answered. The difficulty of the aptitude and logical thinking tests was medium. Time is sufficient to finish them on time if one has carefully practiced. It’s an elimination round in this round. After the exam, if the student qualifies for this stage, they are notified and processed for the following round within 10 minutes.

Round-2: Coding: In 45 minutes, 2 questions had to be answered.

The first question was an easy level, while the second was a medium one.
One of the questions was to find the Average of an array.
The other query asked for Reverse alternate k nodes in a LinkedList.
Round-3: Regardless of whether they can answer code questions or not, everyone who met the requirements for round 1 received the mail for round 3. There are five sections in this round of communication.

section 1: Read the sentence as instructed
section 2: Repeat the sentence as the instructor says
section 3: A single-line question was asked and we needed to answer with appropriate words
section 4: A small paragraph was dictated that could be heard only once. It had to be repeated by the candidate.
section 5: There were 2 topics given and time to think and later for a minute we need to speak on the topic.
Round-4: Technical + HR round: The interviewer was quite cordial and asked me to introduce myself as well. She then inquired about my projects after looking over my resume.

What challenges did you encounter?
Then he inquired about my involvement in any campus organizations and my function within, as well as my future plans and interests.
What is agile application development?
She also opened the links to the projects and profiles I had highlighted on my resume throughout the about 30-minute interview. She questioned me about the technology stack I employed for the projects and requested an explanation of their executive summaries.

Verdict:- Not Selected
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