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**March 2022: I got a call from a recruiter through Linkedin. Interview was scheduled in 10 days.

Round 1: 

 It was an online test with 2 medium level questions.


Virtual Onsite rounds:

3 rounds were scheduled on the same day. Every round was an elimination round.

Round 2: 2 medium level leetcode questions

Explained the different approaches and their tradeoffs and then wrote production ready code for the most optimal approach.

Another question was similar to how to merge different size files into 1 file with minimum cost, I solved it using the Priority queue after discussing different approaches.

Got a call from the recruiter after 10 mins, the feedback was positive.

Round 3: 

It was mostly a Problem solving/ Low Level design round. I was asked to design an In-Memory  file system. Here I was expected to define proper classes using SOLID and OOPS concepts, then asked to write some functions to retrieve files with different filters.

I was able to perform well in this round. I cleared this round as well.

Round 4:

 This was a High Level Design Round. I was given a choice to design any system, I chose Instagram then we discussed Instagram Live feature. Had a good discussion about scalability, how to handle load, how to retrieve followers etc, discussed trade offs of different approaches. I was expected to design different components present in the system. It felt like a discussion round, I enjoyed it.

I got a call from a recruiter that I cleared the round but the Hiring Manager round will happen the next day.

Round 5 : 

Hiring Manager Round: It started with a discussion on my resume and various projects I have done. Some behavioral questions. I was performing well so far, then a coding question was given to me.

I was able to explain the right approach but it took some time and I got nervous and wasn't able to code properly. I felt blank and thought I blew up my chance. The interviewer asked why I am not able to code even after telling the right approach. I was disappointed with myself. I tried to act normal but I wasn't.


I didn't receive any feedback from my recruiter even after 2 weeks. I lost all hopes, sent them multiple mails but no answer. Then one day, I received mail from the HR that they have received positive feedback and they would like to go ahead.

Though I didn't like the way they Ghosted out and ignored my mails for 2 weeks. I decided to move ahead.

I finally received an offer after 1 month of completion of all rounds. The process has been really slow. I know these are hard time for us in India, it might have impacted the whole process.

I am happy that hard work finally paid off and I am going to accept the offer.

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