Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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Microsoft | L60| Bangalore | Jan-2022

Status: 2.5 yrs of work ex

Position: Sde 3 at a renowned company.


The first round was a codility test comprising of 3 questions.(Medium-Hard LC Questions)

I got a call from the recruiter to join their event next week . In an event usually ,all the interviews are held on the same day back to back and every round is an elimination round.

 ROUND 1 (1 hr)

Brief intro . He majorly concentrated on my tech stack and asked questions related to java and kafka.
How Kafka works- explanation of topic,partitioning, consumer groups.
Difference between overloading and overriding with code.
Equals and hashcode contract.
Singleton design pattern in detail with demo of code .
The he asked me a coding question similar to

 ROUND 2 :( 1 hr 15 min)

Brief Intro and Challenges faced in my current project.
Coding Question : How will you find the column name if a column number is provided just like in an excel sheet.
For eg: Column 26 is "Z" and 28 is "AB". so given a number like 506 find the column name.
I gave him all the approaches and coded the solution.
System design - Tiny URL with detailed explanation. I really had fun in this round as the interviewer was very friendly and we had proper discussion of all the components.He was very impressed with my approaches.

ROUND 3:( 1 hr)

Coding Question:
Coding Question : similar to
System design : Google docs
After 2 days I got a call for the Hiring manager round which totally focussed on my work ex and projects. Be prepared with the in-depth knowledge of the technologies and architecture of your project . He asked me a lot of behavioral questions back to back ,it actually felt like a rapid fire round of Koffee with Karan :)

All the rounds were pretty good for me as I was well prepared on both coding and design side.

At one point , I became so rusty and almost forgot about solving DSA questions. It took me a while and a lot of consistency to prepare and trust me if I can do it,anyone can do it.

All the best!
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