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Got the offer from microsoft
Here is list of Questions asked :
Round 1 : Coding round
Two Coding Questions related to HashMap
Round 2 : Technical interview
Asked question
Another question asked - I have solved this problem using heap, then he asked me if I can optimize it, so I gave QuickSort Algorithm for that
Round 3 :
What Is Denial-Of-Serivce attack and how to resolve this issue, I told using Rate Limiter, so he asked me various algorithm which is used to implement Rate Limiter.
Question related to how can I find the Time Complexity and Space complexity of the program without looking into the code, and just by executing the code we need to detect time and space complextiy.
Round 4 :
System design question related to design the hotel booking system , which will find the hotel within range of 1 km
and then question is narrowed down to heap sort and write algo to find Nth smallest integer
Round 5 :
It was managerial round, System design question asked related to design BookMyShow kind of app, and what rest APIs will I create for BookMyShow app

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