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Microsoft | SDE2 | Hyderabad | Aug 2022 


Education: B.Tech in CSE tier 2

Years of Experience: 3+ Years

Prior Experience: MNC

Company: Microsoft

Title/Level: SDE 2 level (L61)

Location: Hyderabad


Round 1:

Codility test, Two questions, Robot walk and count anagrams.


Round 2:

F2F, 2 Questions, Minimum Window Substring and LCA for BST.


Round 3:

F2F, Design BookMyShow (API and DB design, concurrency), Asked to code LRU Cache, then asked the approach for LFU. Then asked about strategy design pattern.


Round 4:

Manager Round, Deep Dive into previous work experience, kubernetes, database and linux internals and then was asked to do HLD and LLD for an Authentication Service.


Round 5 :- HR Round


**Offered after 3 Days.Rejected the offer, Had competing offers, decided to go ahead with Meesho.

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