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Total Number of Rounds - 5

Round 1 -  Online Codility

2 Questions (1 on Array & 1 on Binary Tree)

Both were Medium Level Questions.


Round 2 - DSA Coding

1 :- A list of songs is present and we need to generate a random function , such that a random song should be played each time.

Extension to this - A song which is placed at the first turn should now repeat after at least K turns. After K turns, the probability of playing this song should be equally distributed.

2 :-N-Ary Tree is present and Root Node has K chocolates which it needs to divide among it's children equally . This distribution will continue till leaf Nodes. We have to print the count of chocolates with each Node after overall division.


Round 3 - HLD

Design Nearby App.

Main Focus was on how users will be shown nearby restaurants/clinic/salons etc whenever he opens an app.


Round 4 - DSA, Coding and LLD

1 :- Find out frequency of each element in Array in O(n) time complexity and O(1) space complexity

Numbers in array are from 1<= v [ i ] <= n

2 :- Design LRU Cache after detailed discussion on Cache , their usage, Architecture etc.


Round 5 - Cultural Fit with Sr. Engineering Lead

** Practiced GFG and Leetcode non-stop for 2-3 Months (Kind of Revision)

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