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Microsoft | L60 | Redmond | February 2022 


Status: MS in CS

Position: L60 Software Engineer at Microsoft

Location: Redmond, WA


Online Assessment:

  1. Debug Question
  2. Coding Question (String Operations)
  3. Coding Question (Array Operations)


On-site rounds:

Round 1:

One Behavioral and Level Order on Tree and BFS on Graph
N-ary Tree Level Order Traversal
Second question: imaging the above input as Graph. i.e. two nodes will have the same child. so you should not visit it if you have already visited.

Round 2

One Behavioral and Linked List Reversal and Reverse in K Groups
Reverse in K Groups

Round 3: 

One Behavioral and Given Char array and list of delimiters, split the array using the delimiters


char[] arr = {'a', 'b', 'c', '-', 'd', 'e', '/','a', ':', 'b', 'c','*', 'd', 'e'};

char[] delimiters = {'/', '*', ':', '-'}



{"abc", "de", "a", "bc", "de"}



1.Implemented with Time Complexity: O(NK) and Space Complexity : O(1) (Excluding Space for Output list)

2. Optimized to Time Complexity: O(N) and Space Complexity: O(K) (Used HashSet)


N: Length of arr

K: Length of delimiters



public List<String> splitCharArray(char[] arr, char[] delimiters){

  Set<Character> delims = new HashSet<>();

  for (char c : delimiters){




  List<String> out = new ArrayList<>();


  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();


  for (int i = 0; i<=arr.length; i++){

    if (i == arr.length || delims.contains(arr[i])){

      String temp = sb.toString();










  return out;



Round 4:

One Behavioral and Object Oriented Design, Design File System and coded mkdir(store the unix path using trie)

Behavioral: Microsoft Core Values

Throughout your day, you’ll be assessed on how you exhibit some of these Core Values, so

keep them in mind and take some time to think about how you might incorporate these into

your technical interview and behavioral questions:

Collaboration – How do you work with a team and drive for company-wide goals?

Drive for Results – How do you drive for the best possible solution or scenario?

Adaptability – How do you push through ambiguity and respond to changing


Influence for Impact – Are you able to communicate effectively and persuade others?

How have you influenced the outcome of a situation or influenced others to get to a


Customer Focus – Microsoft aims to surprise and delight its customers. How do you

think from the customer’s perspective and keep them in mind in your solutions?


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