Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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Microsoft | L60 | Bangalore | Mar 22 


 2.3+ years Exp

Position: L60 at Microsoft

Location: Bangalore, India


** I had applied through a referral 2-3 months back. But got a call from a recruiter mid Feb'22.


Interview process:

1.Online assessment

2. Virtual Onsite interviews


Online Assessment :

3 questions - 2 LC medium questions ( strings, DP based) and another question on LLD.


I got a call from the Microsoft recruiter after a week that I passed the OA.


Onsite interview (3 rounds):

All the 3 rounds were with different engineers from the same org/team. Last round was from the hiring manager. I chose C++ as my coding language as I was comfortable with it for DSA and used Java for the design round.


Round 1:- DSA Round 

 Brief introductions and straight to question.

 Stack & String based question. Further questions on complexity and optimisation. Interviewer seemed satisfied with my answer and code.


Round 2 :

Interviewer was a very senior engineer. We started off with discussing my background , previous work , tech stack, couple behavioral questions like most challenging project, etc.

I was given a very ambiguous single line description of the problem statement. It took me a good 10 mins to understand the needs of the system by asking multiple questions on requirements, etc. I had to come up with a LLD & surface-level HLD to design a microservice that would provide the same services as when we use one of the popular MS Desktop applications ( can't reveal due to NDA ).After the HLD and I described in detail the models required for LLD.

The interviewer was also keenly looking forward to the market/business suggestions that I was coming up impromptu during the brainstorming as well. It went slightly above an hour, but I think I fared well.


Round 3 :

 This was with the hiring manager. He asked about my background, skills and interests. We discussed in detail about one of my projects and a few behavioral questions.

Last few minutes I was given time to ask him questions.



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