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All depends on your mindset . Have a positive mindset . What you think and feel, really affects your future in one way or the other . There are so many opportunities in the IT/Software field these days . Heck ,  even if you think you are not getting stuff , you can start teaching students coding and earn heavily .


Rather than thinking of problems , think of solutions  :-)
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Applying solely through LinkedIn won't help you. Reach out to people for referrals and message recruiters as well. Also make a profile on naukri/monster/instahyer.

I agree with you about rejection, not every company bothers to send out one. Accept it and move on , we can't change their culture.

Referrals are the only ones that work , all my seniors tell me that referrals are important , they get you to the interview , after that it on your skill.
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Something that worked for me was early startups (those who still haven't got series A funding) your way to go you will gain a lot of experience in a short time. But beware at this stage companies are always looking to exploit their employees not intentionally always but things are so tight and fast pace they're always trying to get the most out of you, work-life balance doesn't exist at this stage. It's all up to you, I'm getting a little underpaid but it not a lot, and my priorities have always been learning and growth opportunities in my 20s, so Im okay with it. Just make sure how you manage stress in such environment and don't let things get out of your control, because stress is something else. It affects your health in ways we can't see.
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  1. Make some good big projects and host them.

  2. Do LeetCode and GFG grinding.

  3. Contribute to some good Open source repositories.

If you do above then apply for some good small startups as an Intern for atleast 3 months ( the salary would be less but you will learn a lot).

It would give you some experience so that you apply for mid level and big startups.