Message on Whatsapp 8879355057 for DSA(OA + Interview) + Fullstack Dev Training + 1-1 Personalized Mentoring to get 10+LPA Job
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8.5 LPA?! :D I'm having a decent happy life with a stipend of 17K.

I'll tell you what all I've managed to do with that much.

I'm sharing a flat with 5 people. Hence the rent is low. Since I'm staying in a complex, I have access to a lot of facilities- gym, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming etc.
Breakfast and lunch is in the company (It ain't free though). A cook comes over to cook dinner.

I go trekking once a month. Check out They are damn reasonable. 2800 for a trek with traveling, lodging, guide for the trek and food inclusive!

I do sometimes meet up with my friends over the weekend!

I have a bus pass which isn't expensive and hence save up a bit on traveling! With your package, you can buy a bike! :p

I manage to buy stuff for myself. Pay my share for the house hold expenses and moreover I manage to save some money which is important!

One just needs to know how to spend money and when to spend it!
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Its quite a good amount when you start off in your career and have not much responsibilities to handle. You can fulfill all your middle class desires atleast in India.

But things starts to disintegrate if you are earning that amount after your 30s. At that time, maybe you are recently married and lots of plan for expensive travel destinations or else you have to manage your home loans or childs education which will be pretty hard as everything getting expensive day by day.

So, don't think much as we know that India consist of different flavor of people with different salary but they do exist and successful to make a survival with being happy, and at 30s if ur salary is 8LPA also, u will be more mature and learn to manage things.

And this is life, we learn from our experiences and so everyone does…
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That is an extremely good salary. Average fresher salary is 3.5 LPA as per Glassdoor. You are way above average, so consider yourself lucky. Keep working hard. All the best.
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Starting as fresher it's quite good. But sometime your quality of life , city you live in and money you spent directly impact on your salary.

Starting with 8 LPA is quite well, as you gain experience your salary keeps compounding.

Keep plan A as your backup plan and keep looking for more high paid job than 8 LPA , if you gained then it's good. If not then go with 8 LPA job.

More interesting fact , don't always go with high paid job but also keep a watch on company policy, how will it help or affect whenever you will have an unavoidable financial , health crisis. This is very underrated point and no-one will tell you.
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In India, it is an exceptional salary to begin with and not may professionals are that fortunate enough to start their career with a package like this.

Having said that, the below points would be worth analyzing:

1) At this point of time, is it fine to be content with this salary and concentrate on building a solid career foundation, or search for a job with a better pay owing to some unavoidable financial responsibilities?

2) Are you accepting the job offer just for package sake or you are actually excited and serious about the opportunity?

3) Every package comes with expectations. Are you absolutely confident and sure of yourself that you would be able to exceed, or atleast meet, those expectations, in return for a hefty paycheck?

If you are able to find appropriate answers to these questions, I am sure you would be able to make an informed decision about your career.

It's always good and brave to dream big, but at the same time you should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as well.

Hope this makes sense to you. Cheers and good luck.. :)
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