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Is it just me or is it really difficult to land interviews for Indian companies? I have applied to countless jobs on LinkedIn, AngelList, Glassdoor, company carrer pages with ZERO calls. All the jobs I applied for were in my domain of expertise, some were where they didn't care about languages and frameworks (that's what the job listing said). Just to set context, i have around ~4 years total experience and worked around ~2 years of a product based company. I have made some open source contributions and actively run a couple of side projects one of which hit #1 on HN. It just makes me wonder how do people switch jobs so easily (pre and post covid)?

Recently i started connecting with recruiters of companies that i want to work for. I hope this strat helps me land atleast a couple of interviews. How do you guys land interviews? Have you guys tried messaging recruiters? Does it help?
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Get referrals. Can't stress this enough. Ask your friends for referrals, connect with people and ask them for referrals politely on LinkedIn. Its 10x easier than applying manually on career pages.

Revise your resume to pass the automated screener, maybe use a resume improving service or subreddit? Also make it easily parsable.