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  1. Coding Round 1 - Write code for Rate Limiter, standard for Atlassian
  2. Coding Round 2 - Rank Team by Votes, instead of characters, he asked me to keep a string for team votes and get top 3 teams with the highest votes. Link
  3. System Design Round - Mantain calm and composure, they are not looking for a full proofed solution, start with gathering the Functional and Non Functional requirements, followed up with API Design including Protocols and followed by Database design. The interviewer would keep on asking questions regardin the implementation. You may or may not get a chance to discuss the high level diagram, but make sure to list down all the services involved. Problem --> Design a tag management system for JIRA and Confluence, which is standard for Atlassian.
  4. Management Round - Best Round ever. The recruiter would tell about the principles and values with Atlassian, it's a deep dive into the projects coupled with management fit in the team.
  5. Cultural And Values Fit - Atlassian doesn't hire for a specific team, the process remains the same across all the teams which make it easier to switch between teams in case you are not happy once you join. Pretty standard HR questions. Remain polite, don't overspeak. Try to inoculate the STAR Values and the Company's values into your answers. The recruiter would follow up with you to mention all the questions that are going to be involved in this round. The recruiters at Atlassian are really nice and thorough.
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