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Education: B.Tech CSE (Tier-3 college)
Years of Experience: 6.2 Years
Prior Experience: SDE2, Amazon
Location: Hyderabad


I reached to Talent Sourcer in Atlassian on LinkedIn for any job opening in her team. I got response back on 16th Sep with job description and she scheduled 30 min connect with recruiter to discuss the process and my interest (20th Sep). Later she asked for 5 available time slots.


Interview Process:


Coding Round (Code Design Interview): (I implemented solution for both problem in 50 min)


Imagine we are building an application that is used by many different customers. We want to avoid one customer being able to overload the system by sending too many requests, so we enforce a per-customer rate limit. The rate limit is defined as:

“Each customer can make X requests per Y seconds”

Assuming that customer ID is extracted somehow from the request, implement the following function.

// Perform rate limiting logic for provided customer ID. Return true if the
// request is allowed, and false if it is not.
boolean rateLimit(int customerId)


After solving this, Interviewer asked follow up question:


one of our customers have bursty traffic, and are complaining about being rate limited. We want to better accomodate those customers, so we want to adopt a ‘credit’ based system. It will work as follows:

For each bucket of time, any capacity available below the limit is converted into credits for that customer

There is some maximum number of credits that a customer can accumulate

When a customer exceeds their normal request limit for a window, the credit count starts to decrease. When there are 0 credits, the customer is rate limited.


Coding Round (Data Structures Interview) :
I don't remember questions.


Design Round (System Design Interview) :


Design a Tagging system for JIRA and this system can be used with other products as well.
System should be highly Available and Fault Taulrance 


Values Interview


Interviewer asked some behavirol question which I don't remember.


Management Interview


Interviewer asked about my current and past experince. 
Why I am looking for job change?
Why Atlassian?
and some behaviroul question.


Final Outcome:
I got call from HR after debrief that I got selected for P4 role and they will work on matching the Salesforce SMTS compensations.


Reason why I not got selected for P5 role:


HR mentioned that Panel think I will need lot of guidance and hand holding in Atlassian to be successful SSE.
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