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Hi All,


Recently I had a really nice experience with Atlassian.


The entire process took about 1.5 months.


HR Discussion (40 mins)


  1. Detailed discussion on current projects and current roles and responsibilities.
  2. What data structures are used in LRU Cache.
  3. How would you design an in-memory cache to store a stream integer values.
  4. What are the major pros and cons of using a hashing data-structure.
  5. What are the key factors according to you that defines good code.
  6. What are microservices? How many microservices do you own in current role? Detailed discussion about how I came to own them and what do they do. How do they create impact to the larger picture?


I was a bit surprised to see HR asking technical questions.


Round 1 - Low-Level Design (1 hour)
All coding rounds needed working code in IDE and supposed to write test cases.
This was a low level design round and lasted 1 hour. Allowed to use any IDE of your choice. I was asked to code the LLD for API rate limiter.
Desing API Rate Limiter. Solved it. Added more complexity. Was able to solve with some hints.


Round 2 - Code Design (1 hour)
Given a list of [FileName, FileSize, [Collection]] - Collection is optional, i.e., a collection can have 1 or more files. Same file can be a part of more than 1 collection.
How would you design a system


  • To calculate total size of files processed.
  • To calculate Top K collections based on size.
file1.txt(size: 100)
file2.txt(size: 200) in collection "collection1"
file3.txt(size: 200) in collection "collection1"
file4.txt(size: 300) in collection "collection2"
file5.txt(size: 100)




Total size of files processed: 900
Top 2 collections:
- collection1 : 400
- collection2 : 300


Round 3 - System Design (1 hour)
Atlassian has a number of different products, each containing different types of content. As an example, let’s look at four of our products:
Jira - Issues
Confluence - Web Pages
BitBucket - Pull Request
Trello - Board


How would you add tags for related pages across all Atlassian products.
How would you scale up the system to 100 Million tag requests a day.




  • Identify the functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Based on requirements specified
    • Identify how would you store the data/DB to used.
    • HLD: Identify the system components on a high-level and how will they interact with each other.


Round 4 - Values (1 hour)
Multiple behavioral based questions to check culture fit.


Round 5 - Management Round (1 hour)
Deep discussion about past experiences.


Received an offer after a week.


Note: Unlike other companies, Atlassian doesn't ask LC questions. They focus on seeing whether the candidate can solve real world problems. Really wish all companies moved to this pattern of interview.

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