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There were 2 coding rounds with a single coding question each. Expectation was working code with tests.

Design an API rate limiter which can allows R requests in T seconds. [1st round] --- Solved using a map of seconds and counts. For every hit the isAllowed function would check the last T seconds count. But test was failing due to some edge case and since no time was left it was left that way. From what I sensed via leetcode and glassdoor, this is a standard question in Atlassian coding rounds.
Given list of {page-id, size, section-id} find the largest N sections in sorted order and also the overall size of all pages. [2nd round] --- Solved using hashmap and min-heap of size N. Was able to come up with correct space ( O(inputsize) ) and time complexity ( O(inputsize + NlogN )
Feedback was not good for both. For 1st round since some tests were failing I assume the feedback was -ve. But for 2nd round there were no clear reasons for a negative feedback.

Overall it was a bad experience interviewing with Atlassian.
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