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Atlassian visited our campus for Full time software engineer role hiring. Interview process was divided into 4 rounds(including initial Computer based screening round) . All the interview rounds were held virtual.

Round 1

It was the online coding round consisting of 3 questions of Medium Hard difficulty level .

Test Pattern : 

Problem 1(Easy Medium problem Related to quick sort) : 50 pts, 


Problem 2 : (Hard Level Problem) 75 pts. 

Problem 3 : Similar to Weighted Job Scheduling(Greedy + DP) {} : 100 pts.

I did P1 & P3 complete and p2 partial , got selected to further interview rounds.

Round 2

It was a resume screening + DSA round . Initially , a brief introduction was given by them & later , they started with projects listed in my resume . They first asked me to explain about the projects , asked some questions related to its implementation & its actual use case in real world (where it can be used) .Later , they switched to DSA part , a total of 2 questions of easy medium difficulty level were asked . I only remember 1 question that was similar to Minimum platform problem( .

After this , They asked me for favourite subjects. I said Operation Systems . Then , they asked for some concepts in OS , including CPU scheduling  & its algos like Round robin , SJF etc and later asked which type of scheduling algorithm is used to design actual systems . 

{This round lasted for 45-50 mins}

Round 3 

It was System design round.Though , it also started with a brief introduction & later , asked about projects . As my project was related to test classification . In that context , they asked me to design a low level Suggestion system(In any preferred language) .

Suggestion System : Given a dictionary of millions of words . Also , a list of words for which suggestions needs to be made as in Google search when we type something its suggestions come from which we can select .For eg : 

Input : Dictionary : [CAT , CATS , CATALOGE , METTLE ,METAL , FITTING]

List of words :  [CAT , DOG , MET , FIT]

For each word in input list suggestions needs to be made & returned .

Output : [ [CAT , CATS , CATALOGE] , [] , [METTLE , MET] , [FITTING] ]

Firstly , i gave a bruteforce approach i.e to check each word in dictionary whether word in list is prefix of that or not. this approach was an O(N * W) time where W is length of word. Later , i suggested a trie based approach in which we can insert all words in dictionary to trie as pre-processing step , and for suggestions , we can query on trie to find all the words with that prefix . As trie is space efficient so they later asked to optimize on time complexity if there are a lot billions of queries which was O(W) where W is total character in suggested list . For that , i suggested to use a hashmap to store results that are obtained previously thus , saved can be used for later queries.

This Round lasted for 50-55 mins

Round 4 (Grad Values & Management Interview Round)

It was an hr cum Value based round with Director & Engineering manager . No technical stuff was asked . But , a lot of resume discussion and Atlassian values questions were asked .

This Round lasted for 60-65 mins

This concludes my interview experience with Atlassian. Hope this article helps to get an understanding of the interview process at Atlassian.

Special Thanks to GeeksforGeeks!!

All the best & give your best!!

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