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Round 1: The test was for 90 minutes and consisted of three questions ranging from easy to hard.

  1. The first one was a fairly easy simple array traversal problem(50 marks)
  2. The second question was to find the number of ways you can form a string on size N, given an unlimited number of 0s and 1s. But you cannot have D number of consecutive 0s and T number of consecutive 1s. N, D, T were given as inputs(75 marks)
  3. There were a number of edges given as input. There were N nodes from 0 to N-1. Two nodes can have multiple edges between them with different weights. The question was to find out the maximal connected component such that all the edges in the connected component have the same weight(100 marks)

Round 2: Eight students were shortlisted after the online test. I’m guessing the cutoff was around 2.5 questions.

This was a technical round. There were 2 panelists. The interview started off with me being asked to describe my favorite project. I was asked to follow up on questions based on that. It’s recommended to be thorough with all your projects. 

I was then asked to give a pseudo code for the following question, but I gave a complete working code anyway.


I was then asked questions from OS and DBMS. (Processes, Threads, Deadlocks, Normalization, and Relational Model)

Round 3: Six students qualified for this round. This round was 10x harder than the previous one; technical round again.

The interview started off with me explaining my favorite project again and follow-up questions on that.

I was asked to explain another one of my projects and I had to come up with a scalable design for the same.

I was then asked 2 DSA questions and had to code them both.

  1. Find the smallest window in a string containing all characters of another string
  2. Lexicographically next permutation in C++

Round 4: Five students qualified for this round. I found this round to be the hardest among all the rounds. This was based on Atlassian’s core values and the interviewers checked if you are culturally fit or not. Questions about conflict management and how you handle yourself under pressure were asked. Brownie points if you can include their core values and build up a story from that and explain how you portrayed that value.

Three students were selected in the end and I’m happy to be one of them 

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