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Experience: 2 years 4 months
Position: SDE2-L4
Location: Bangalore, India


I had contacted the uber HR who had contacted my friend over LinkedIn, she was happy to consider me as well for the same role and sent me all the details, i asked for a week to prepare to which she agreed and shared with me the OA



    Round 1 - Online Assessment
    -- , both were easy enough and i solved them in around 35 minutes
    Received a confirmation from the HR i had cleared that round



    Round 2 - DSA -- 60 minutes -- Medium
    -- The interview started with introduction & then he asked me to explain my solutions to the OA questions
    -- Next he asked me a question which was like [ i solved this by using a prefix array, generating its lower bound]
    -- Next he asked to replace the STL lower bound with my own implementation (which actually took me 4-5 minutes as it failed on a corner case he gave me] (he wanted complete running code for both these things and made me run the code in a for loop of 1000 over 3-4 times to check the answer is coming respecting the weights and is not a fluke]
    -- Next he asked me something very very similar to , i told him my approach he was happy and since we were short of time i only gave him the psuedo code



    Round 3 -- DSA -- 60 minutes  -- Medium + Hard
    -- the interview started with introduction again, but quickly moved to the question
    Minimise number of transactions.
    Eg: A -> B : 200
    B -> C : 500
    A -> B : 300
    Solution : A -> C : 500
    -- though this seemed simple it wasn't as the interviewer gave me a few corner case to my initial solutions, we came to a final solution after around 10-15 minutes of discussion and she was happy, she asked me to code which took me around 15 minutes, she made me run the code and it worked, tested out a few edge cases as well and those worked too
    -- i got tensed in this round because the initial 2 solutions i proposed failed at the very first corner cases she gave me and we lost 10 minutes in that, i had only 35 minutes left but luckily i got the right solution and coded it with 10 minutes to go, the interviewer was a great person and gave enough hints and asked me not to worry and be calm



    Round 4 -- 75 Minutes -- LLD 
    --Asked me to implement a multi threaded publisher subscriber message queue , i had. practiced that earlier itself so it was easy enough for me to implement
    -- Interivewer questioned on how i used solid principles and what are the design patterns used by me and why
    -- A few questions on locks , mutex and synchronized because i used the same in my code



    Round 5 -- 60 Minutes -- Bar Raiser 
    -- Asked me about my previous projects and tech in depth
    -- Asked me to design a system which levied taxes/penalties on drivers&riders with some constraints like completing 10 rides a month or getting lesser than average rating of that area consistently
    -- Asked me about all the design choices i made in the project and why so
    -- he was from the infra team & dug deep into my monitoring alerting work and asked me which all metrices will i be choosing to monitor if i have to monitor a restful web service
    -- asked me which mechanism of alerting will i prefer (pull or push) and why



    Round 6 -- 60 Minutes 
    -- Asked me about my previous project in depth
    -- Asked me explain him my most challenging project, why it was challenging , will i if now. given the chance go back and change something in that , what and why
    -- Behavioural questions like : What comments have you received in code reviews, a situation where you had a disagreement with your manager and how did you handle it.
    -- asked me a problem related to distributed caches, later on asked me to tell the difference between write back and write through cache and when should we use which



Received a confirmation from the HR after 4 days that i was selected


For more interview experiences check the below link

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