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Status: 4 Year experience in mobile app development
Prior Experience: SSE in well established product based company


Company: Uber
Title: Software Engineer 2


There were total 5 rounds of remote interviews:-


Round1:- They gave an existing iOS Project
1. Code review & fix errors. Provide code review comments.
2. Design two screens (They will give screenshot) with architecture of your choice and explain why you made time vs space tradeoff.
3. Mobile Concepts that you used in that project. (Needed to be explained)


Round 2:- Data Structure and Problem Solving
1. We are given a binary tree (with root node root), a target node, and an integer value K. Return a list of the values of all nodes that have a distance K from the target node.
2. House Robber problem.


Round 3:- Hiring Manager
1. All about previous project, Behavioural, challenging projects, why uber. (This round is important) Every behaviour question they will drill to the core, Why leaving current company, team, past life experience everything. (Better be prepared)


Round 4:- Bar raiser
1. Same as Hiring manager, Bit of system design (Architectural design questions (Discussed about distributed systems briefly of uber eats))


Round 5:- Mobile Architecture
1. Design Google location search (Text, image, map, audio type results). Write code for everything, Backend contract, Production Level code on IDE (Pair programming). (This is important to determine candidate can perform good as L4 or not)


If all goes well, you will get offer call in 4-5 days. And you will receive official offer in next 10 days.


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