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Hi all, Zscaler visited our campus, the process took only 4-5 days to complete. Two profiles were offered Associate software engineer/ Cloud operations engineer. The whole process comprised of HackerRank test consisting of 35-40 MCQ and 4 coding questions, Technical Interview of 50 minutes approx., and Managerial interview cum technical interview. 

ROUND 1(HackerRank coding test). : In this round, there were 40 MCQs which consist of DBMS, Computer networks, OS, Data Structures, and Riddles. The other section contains 4 coding questions of easy-medium level. for Example, I confronted one question:- There is a array of strings [ABC,BCD,DEG] the difference between ABC is the same and BCD is the same but in DEG it does not so return that string.

ROUND 2(Technical Interview 50 minutes): After the test out of 200 students 24 got shortlisted. I got the interview link. if you want to clear this interview you need to have overall knowledge of all the subjects. 

  • The interview panel was of two people. Firstly, They took my introduction and asked some questions depending upon what I answered. 
  • Then they started asking questions from computer networks, before that they asked me if I knew CN because it is the requirement, HTTP AND HTTPS explained what happens when you search somehing on google, DNS explain, port number of DNS, if you search something and search the same thing again what will happen, then they asked some questions on SSL and TLS.
  • Some questions were from port number of different protocols, Can we change the port numbers I said from 0-1023 we cannot because of the reservation after that we can.
  • Then they asked me If I knew OS, Explain paging, Deadlock, ROM, RAM, Bankers algorithm, What is cloud computing, different between cloud computing and data centers, some linux commands like how to delete a process how you are able to find the process id.
  • Then they asked me to write a code on Code pair tool of hacker rank, the question they asked was: Match the substring in the bigger string and find the index of the first occurrence of the string catch was that if The bigger string is ABCFABCXBCDABCX and the substring is ABCD in place of X the fourth matching character is on that place. I wrote the code in 11-12 minutes then they asked me to optimize the code I said we can do that by using knuth morris algo.

ROUND 3(Managerial cum Tech round 30-35 minutes): I expected this round is going to be the HR round only but all questions were from technical concepts. 


  • First, they took my introduction. 
  • They asked me if I know c and c++, 
  • What are pointers, garbage collector
  • What is OSI model, flow control
  • What is MAC address on which layer it is added, Can we change MAC address
  • Explain TCP and UDP and at which layer these protocols works
  • Then they asked me right now we are taking your interview which protocols is working tcp or udp
  • At last two coding questions right regular expression for email validation in python and write word count program on code pair.

So, Out of 24 students, 2 were selected and I was one of the 2 students, proud two be the student of GeeksforGeeks if you want to crack the interview you have to be well versed in linux, CN, OS, and medium level coding. thanks and share this article as much as possible so that they can get and overview about the interview process.

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